How do I Become a CPR Instructor?

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is typically taught by a CPR instructor, and to become a CPR instructor requires different steps and certification depending on the area in which you live. In the United States (US) for example, a CPR instructor is usually certified by a group such as the American Heart Association (AHA), and the process requires a few simple steps to complete. In other regions, the process will be different and often involves national health associations or government-sponsored health and fitness groups.

To become a CPR instructor you will likely need to begin by contacting local government or health associations that regulate and certify people in CPR and CPR training. In the US, this is typically done by the AHA and involves a fairly simple process. To begin, you should contact the AHA for materials regarding the specific provider course you need and the Core Instructor Course (CIC) that you will also need to complete to become a CPR instructor.

A provider course is a class specifically aimed at the type of instruction you wish to provide, such as CPR or other lifesaving processes, and is usually the first step needed to become a CPR instructor. You will be able to complete this type of course through Internet testing or in-person testing at a specific location. Once you complete your provider course, you will want to contact a local AHA facility for more information on CIC availability in your area.


The CIC is a class that can be taken online or in person that covers basic health and safety information and is needed for a number of different types of certification. To become a CPR instructor, you will need to study the material that is provided to you, complete the coursework, and pass the test to complete your CIC. Once this is complete, you will complete an Instructor Course specific to helping you become a CPR instructor, typically done at an AHA location in a single day.

Finally, you will need to instruct your first course in CPR while monitored by a coordinator and complete a few final forms. Once this is finished, you will be certified to teach CPR in the US and will only have to keep your certification updated and renewed, but will not likely have to retake any of the courses. This process may be different in other regions. For example in the United Kingdom (UK), CPR instructor certification is typically performed by private medical training companies, and these should be contacted by anyone interested in CPR instruction in the UK. Canadian regulations for certification to become a CPR instructor vary depending on the province a person lives within, and local provincial agencies should be contacted for more specific information.



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