How Do I Become a Cosmetics Manager?

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Cosmetics managers are people who supervise retail establishments’ makeup sales and marketing activities. These individuals must have strong interpersonal skills and be outgoing. A person who wishes to become a cosmetics manager needs to complete high school-level training and pursue an internship opportunity to build his or her selling skills in this field. He or she then can apply for a manager position and complete on-the-job training for this new role.

The first step to take if you want to become a cosmetics manager is to complete high school-level training. Employers in this job field typically do not require that a job applicant complete post-secondary training. Earning a high school diploma or the equivalent certification, however, often is necessary to be successful in this field. Courses in computer skills and communication are valuable to take while in high school to prepare you for this line of work.


You should look for an opportunity to gain hands-on experience via an internship or entry-level role. Simply going to your local retail establishment and asking for the opportunity to gain practical experience as a makeup salesperson could provide you with an unpaid training opportunity as you seek to become a cosmetics manager. Some companies also offer paid job opportunities for someone who wants to work as a cosmetic associate but who lacks field experience. You need to be prepared to fill out a job application, and when you claim your desired position, you need to sharpen your skills by helping clients to select appropriate makeup products.

After gaining experience in a sales associate role in this industry, you are eligible for management opportunities. You might need to complete a formal employment application and interview at your current company if you would like to pursue a promotion there to become a cosmetics manager. Other companies may require that you also send in a resume and cover letter that explain your previous relevant field experience. These documents should additionally highlight skills such as the ability to multi-task, perform under pressure, and communicate effectively, as this is required of a person who works in this vocational area.

On-the-job training can help you to feel comfortable with leading other retail associates in this career field. Your supervisor will teach you how to track the performance of subordinate salespeople and strive to meet regular company sales goals. As you train to become a cosmetics manager, you also have to practice building the organization’s customer base and use strong customer service to retain clients. In addition, learning the details of all of your organization’s makeup products and getting experience with training other workers on these items is important.



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