How do I Become a Corporate Paralegal?

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In order to become a corporate paralegal, people should plan to earn a paralegal certificate, at the very minimum. Some jobs only require this certification for employment consideration. Other job requirements will include having an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in legal studies. For those who are strongly considering a corporate career track, it is generally recommended that candidates have a degree in addition to the paralegal certificate.

For individuals who want to work in this field, it is important to be prepared for dealing with heavy case loads on a regular basis. For the most part, paralegal work is time-intensive and demanding, so it is not considered to be a career for those who would prefer a more relaxed environment. Those wishing to become a corporate paralegal should be interested in and committed to the job because it may be much more demanding than other types of paralegal positions.

To become a corporate paralegal, the majority of candidates will need to be proficient with a variety of different computer programs. It is usually important for job applicants to have experience working with word processing programs, as well as certain law-specific programs, that are the most likely to be used on the job. In some situations, candidates who have advanced knowledge of computer systems may be considered more than their competitors.


Anyone pursuing this type of job should also be comfortable communicating with various types of people. In a corporate environment, paralegals are more likely to be working with other professionals, but there could be exceptions to this rule. For this reason, individuals who wish to become a corporate paralegal should also have a pleasant demeanor and an articulate speaking voice.

Candidates need to be able to write in clear, concise language. They should also have the ability to absorb and process information quickly when the situation calls for it. Corporate paralegals may be called upon to take minutes at meetings, and could be asked to maintain a log of those notes for future reference. This makes it extremely important for people in this line of work to have the ability to write legibly, using very little shorthand.

If candidates want to work in a particular area of law, they might want to find a corporate sponsor while they are in school. This may allow them to work an internship for at least a few months, which will provide them with the basic experience needed to help them find a job later. In most cases, applicants for corporate paralegal jobs should be proficient at conducting research independently.



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