How Do I Become a Corporate Consultant?

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There are many industries in which companies turn to corporate consultants for advisory work. Subsequently, an individual can pursue a career in one of these industries to become a corporate consultant. You must complete some education and should earn a college degree, such as a bachelor's degree. Also, some specific training and licensing might be needed for the specific industry in which consultant work will occur, such as healthcare or finance, for instance. To become a corporate consultant, you might need to begin in entry-level positions but might be able to advance and serve in a more senior-consultant capacity with more industry experience.

If you are interested in a career in finance, you can prepare to become a corporate consultant in the investment community. An investment consultant supports investment decisions on behalf of corporations that sponsor retirement plans for employees. Clients rely on the advice of a corporate consultant to make integral decisions about how to allocate money on behalf of employees, and as a result, you need to gain certain industry credentials to qualify for this type of position.


To become a corporate consultant in the investment arena, expect to earn a bachelor's degree at the very least. Some employers might expect a postgraduate degree with a focus on economics or finance. Given that you will be influencing the way that corporations invest based on the goals and risk tolerance of those clients, you might be expected to earn a formal financial certification. Employers might expect to you earn a brokerage license given that you will be leading decision-making processes, such as which third party money managers to hire for overseeing assets. Another certification that might be required if you want to become a corporate consultant in finance is a chartered financial analyst certification for investment professionals.

In order to become a corporate consultant in the nursing industry, you need to practice as a registered nurse for a number of years. Also, analytical and problem-solving skills should be evident, because you might need to collaborate with other members of the management to implement changes at a medical facility. The most senior-level certifications are likely to be required, because this is often a top management position. Although there will be some interaction with patients, a corporate nurse consultant also has a hand in management and is included in the decision-making processes. You will need to be a licensed nurse with a postgraduate degree and experience as a clinical nurse.



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