How Do I Become a Content Specialist?

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A content specialist is an individual who develops content for the web in a variety of ways, generally involving writing and editing, as well as a certain amount of web design in some cases. The specific requirements to become a content specialist will vary based on the type of website for which an individual is creating content, and whether or not a great deal of specialized knowledge is required. In general, a bachelor's degree in a related field will be necessary, as well as a certain amount of experience in producing content for the web. Generally, no more than one or two years of experience is required in order to become a content specialist, at least for an entry-level role.

If you know you want to become a content specialist, earning a college degree is usually the first step. Sometimes an associate's degree will suffice, but generally a bachelor's degree is a requirement. Most people who want to pursue a career in this field will earn a bachelor's degree in English or communications; some will also choose to take courses in web design, technical writing, or information technology, all of which can be useful when working on a website, and developing this type of content. If you have a specific subject you are especially interested in, it may be a good idea to double major, and then produce web content on this particular topic as an expert.


The next step to become a content specialist is usually to get some hands-on publishing, writing, and web design experience. You might be able to find an internship or an entry-level job at a local organization. This will give you the ability to put some published clips in your portfolio, which may website managers will require before they will even look at your resume. Web design experience may or may not be required, but it is always helpful to have a little basic knowledge in this area.

Once you have your education and some real-world work experience, the next step to become a content specialist is to begin applying for jobs. These jobs are often available for people who wish to telecommute, so a phone interview may be sufficient in lieu of an in-person interview. Some may also provide a writing or editing test, which you will need to pass in order to be eligible to be a content specialist; it all depends on the nature of the company for which you want to work.



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