How do I Become a Content Manager?

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The requirements you will have to meet to become a content manager may depend on the unique preferences of the company that is hiring. In many cases, however, employers prefer to hire individuals who have degrees for this type of job. Often, a bachelor’s degree is considered suitable, though employers may give preference to individuals who have earned master’s degrees instead. In addition to a degree, you may need related experience as well as excellent interpersonal skills to become a content manager. Organization, analysis, and problem-solving skills are usually required as well.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact requirements you will have to meet to become a content manager, as each employer may have unique needs. In most cases, however, employers prefer to hire content managers who have degrees. For example, an employer may prefer to hire a content manager who has at least a bachelor’s degree. Those with advanced degrees may stand out even more among the job competition.

If your bachelor’s degree is in a related field, this may help you to get the job. For example, if you want to manage online article content, a journalism degree may help you land the job. Some employers, however, may not require a successful content manager candidate to have a specific type of degree, especially if he or she has significant experience.


Experience typically is important when you want to become a content manager. Usually, employers will expect you to have several years of related experience. For example, if you will manage Web content, having several years experience with creating Web content may help you to land a job. Sometimes, however, employers are willing to hire individuals with management experience for this position, even if they have less experience with the type of content in question. Additionally, some employers may hire content managers who do not have degrees if they have extensive experience as a substitute.

Usually, employers prefer to hire content managers who have specific skills and qualities. To become a content manger, you will likely have to demonstrate that you have above-average communication, management, and problem-solving skills. Potential employers will likely want to see that you can get along well with others and collaborate on projects as well. Analytical and written communication skills are typically necessary for this position as well. Additionally, you may need experience with a range of computer programs, including those commonly used in the creation and management of Web content, to land a job as a content manager.



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