How Do I Become a Construction Expert Witness?

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An individual who wants to become a construction expert witness should blend specific knowledge and skills in construction with a detailed understanding of how the law relates to different aspects of this industry. These individuals help a legal team to present good, qualified testimony on any legal cases that involve a construction project or other construction related events. Each industry has its own panels of expert witnesses who make their services available to the public, and even in the general field of construction expert witnesses, there are certain subsets and skills that come into play.

One of the first things to do to become a construction expert witness is to develop an authoritative outlook on a certain kind of construction. This begins with practical experience, where the individual starts learning about framing, roofing or other construction tasks, or for commercial construction: concrete implementation or other larger projects. This practical experience will help a construction expert witness to build his or her brand as a legitimate expert on construction related issues.


Another key element for those who want to become a construction expert witness relates to getting involved in the legal community. Those who talk to state legal professionals or others involved in construction cases can get a lot of insight into the specific problems that legal counsel faces related to construction projects. Ideally, the person who is marketing themselves as a construction expert witness has spent time involved in municipal courts, appearing as a witness for multiple plaintiffs or defendants. Case experience is a main way to build qualifications for being an expert witness of any kind.

Although the qualifications for a construction expert witness usually rest on trade experience and legal understanding, another element is just as important for getting visibility as a construction legal consultant. One prominent aspect of visibility is advertising. Someone building a career as a construction expert witness should know how and where to advertise to attract potential clients. Having good recommendations or testimonials from past clients is a major part of qualifying as a legitimate expert witness as well. Overall, success as a legal authority on construction does involve education, certifications, and expertise, but it also means placing yourself in the right context within a unique market.



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