How Do I Become a Construction Executive?

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You can become a construction executive by utilizing your construction skills, knowledge and training in a management capacity. Education and training in the field of construction are required to become a construction executive, as are leadership and communication skills. A construction executive helps coordinate projects, ensures that timelines and budgets are met and deals with problems as they arise. Additionally, a good grasp of the different areas of construction is necessary to be able to work with other executives on projects, including architects and engineers. In certain parts of the world, construction executives are required to be certified, but this varies based on government regulations.

If you want to become a construction executive, it is necessary to obtain an education in the field of construction science or civil engineering. This education provides a lot of the knowledge that you will need when working on a construction site. You can enter into a bachelor's degree program after completing high school and applying for admission at a college or university, although admission guidelines will vary based upon the school. It is normal for programs in these areas to require a certain grade point average (GPA) to allow students to successfully complete them.


Experience in the field of construction is highly sought after — and often required — for construction executives. Without this background, it is difficult to understand the dynamics of what is happening between the various people working on the project. You can get training by working as a construction worker or as an intern with a construction company during school. After you have a good perspective on the way that a project is directed from the ground up, you will be better equipped to become a construction executive.

Much of the knowledge and skills that are needed to become a construction executive can be found through education and work experience, but certain personality characteristics are helpful in succeeding at the position. Leadership qualities, such as being able to motivate others, are very important. The awareness to keep a project on track at all levels is important as well.

Construction executives are concerned mainly with the budget, quality and timelines of construction projects. A sharp mind is needed to be able to keep all of the various pieces working together to make the project a success, not to mention dealing with problems and mishaps as they arise. Good communication and decision-making skills are key in keeping projects coordinated from beginning to end.



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