How do I Become a Computer Software Professional?

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In order to become a computer software professional you will need to combine formal training with work experience. A computer software professional can be someone in sales, software support, or development. All these positions are required to support the success of a software company, interacting with clients and improving or developing new products.

The computer software industry is notoriously tough, with stiff competition from other firms selling the same type of product. People who want to become a computer software professional are typically driven, technology-savvy, and enjoy working in a changing environment. The technology used varies greatly with the different software firms, but the actual work required is very consistent.

Although the actual educational requirements are different for the various positions, most people who want to become a computer software professional are well-advised to complete post-secondary training. People who want to work on the business side, focusing on sales and relationship management, often have training in business, business administration, or a related field. Someone who wants to become a computer software professional on the development side needs credentials in information technology and computer programming.


The experience required to work in this industry is focused on the actual position you want to fill. For example, someone who wants to work in sales needs to have experience in business to business sales, creating unique product quotes or presentations and responding to requests for proposals. This type of experience can be gained in almost any industry that sells to the commercial client. However, most firms appreciate a candidate who has an understanding of their particular product or client base.

The type of experience required to become a computer software professional on the development side is much more stringent. Many developers build their skills and reputation through contract positions or freelance work. Others create their own products or join developer communities for open source software products. The proven ability to convert an idea into reality is very important in this role. Candidates who can prove they have done this successfully in the past have a much better chance for employment.

Take the time to learn about the different software companies in your area. Explore the different products they offer, their primary competition, and strengths. In the interview, be prepared to explain how you will be able to either help them build on their strengths or face a challenge.



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