How do I Become a Community Health Nurse?

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Community health nurses typically provide nursing services in community health clinics and educate patients about illness prevention. This type of nursing work also entails home visits, immunizations, prenatal care, research, and advocacy for the provision of better health care services. To become a community health nurse, you generally will need a college degree, work experience in a health-related setting, and a postgraduate degree.

In order to become a community health nurse, it is important to get a college degree in nursing so you can become a registered nurse (R.N.). Keep in mind that nursing degree programs can be competitive. Thus, getting good grades is essential because a high grade point average (GPA) is something that prospective nursing programs and eventually employers will want to see.

Once you are admitted to a nursing program, a nursing practicum will typically be required. Doing well in the practicum can be important because it will provide you with valuable supervised experience which will help supplement your college learning. Typically, nursing students do their practicum activities in a hospital setting, but getting experience in other health settings is possible if the nursing program allows that.


After graduation, you will have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), which is the nursing licensure exam. After passing this exam, you are then eligible to work as a registered nurse in a variety of settings. The career services department at your college can usually provide job-search assistance. Conducting online job searches may also be helpful in your job search.

You could look for graduate nursing opportunities as soon as you have completed your first two years of postgraduate work experience. The master's in nursing (M.S.N.) degree is generally recommended for anyone who wants to become a community health nurse. An M.S.N. typically includes two years of study and includes courses such as nursing theory, advanced practice nursing, nursing research methods, and nursing leadership.

During graduate school, gaining experience on professor-supervised research can be essential if you want to become a community health nurse. Research is an important part of what community health nurses do. Also, participating in professor-supervised research can be useful experience in the event that you choose to pursue a college teaching career as a community health nurse.

Upon completion of the M.S.N., you are eligible to begin working as a community health nurse. You could choose to work in a variety of settings. For example, you could work in a public health clinic or hospital setting. Or, you could specialize in doing home visits where you provide nursing services to people whose illness renders them unable to go to a public health facility.



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