How Do I Become a Commercial Designer?

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There are several educational, training, and other qualifications required to become a commercial designer. In most cases, a bachelor's degree in engineering, industrial design, or a related field is required. People interested in this career should be creative and good at working with people to design a product that meets a client's specifications. Internships or apprenticeships can provide great experience and head start as you work to become a commercial designer. Once all of the requirements are met, you can apply for jobs at companies that design the products or manufactured goods you want to specialize in designing.

A commercial designer is responsible for designing commercial products, such as appliances, tools, medical equipment, cars and furniture. The first step to become a commercial designer is to earn a college bachelor's degree. Appropriate degrees are typically in engineering, architecture or industrial design. The commercial designer industry is becoming a more competitive industry, so more companies are requiring an advanced degree to become a commercial designer.

One characteristic that you will need to possess to become a commercial designer is creativity. You need to have an instinct on how to work with colors, design, shapes, lines and more. Some of this is instinct, but these are also skills that you can learn during your coursework while earning your college degree. In addition to being creative, you will also need to have the ability to manage a design project from beginning to end.

For example, if you are designing a new furniture line for a client then you will be responsible for the product from beginning to end. You will need to meet with the client upfront to find out what type of design they are seeking. You will put the sketches together and present them to the client for feedback. Once you finalize the designs, you will also work with the manufacturer to ensure that the design and the actual product match.

It is also a good idea to gain experience in commercial design, even while earning your degree or doing your prep work to apply for college. You can intern or apprentice with a commercial designer to gain hands-on experience. This can help you determine if the field is the right one for you, and provide you with valuable experience that you can emphasize when you're read to apply for a job.

Once you meet all of the qualifications to become a commercial designer, then it is time to land a job. You can search job boards to seek open positions for commercial designers. Apply to these positions and follow-up on your application to increase your chances of landing an interview. You can also contact companies that you have an interest in designing for, such as appliance or furniture companies. Some companies are hiring but do not announce the job positions. Other companies will keep your resume on file in case a position does open up in commercial design.



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