How Do I Become a College Math Tutor?

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College math tutors work at institutions of higher education to assist students with their math classes. These individuals might sit with students before or after classes and go over material that was covered in their algebra, geometry and calculus classes so that the students can develop a stronger understanding and earn higher grades. College math tutors can be instructors, students or professional tutors who specialize in helping students who have certain needs. To become a college math tutor, your first step should be to look for job requirements based on your own level of qualification. In most cases, a person who wants to become a college math tutor can plan on filling out an application, sometimes sending a résumé or curriculum vitae and proving that he or she has a strong understanding of mathematics as well as the ability to tutor students.

Unlike a class instructor, a college math tutor normally works with students in one-on-one and small group contexts. Instructors might meet with individual students after class, but tutors specialize in helping students based on their individual needs. A college math tutor commonly works with students who have learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, although he or she also works with students who simply have trouble gaining a firm understanding of certain math class material.


A student who wants to become a college math tutor normally must have an outstanding grade point average in math-related classes. He or she also should have good grades in other subjects as well. In many math tutoring labs, aspiring college math tutors must be referred or recommended by math instructors.

It also is common for some math instructors to act as college math tutors. These individuals take tutor positions as part-time assistants. If you are a college instructor who would to become a college math tutor, you should either speak to professional tutors at your school's tutoring center or find students who would be interested in attending sessions outside of school. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that professional tutors often get funding to tutor students on a college campus. Before setting up prolonged tutoring sessions with your students, be sure to speak with representatives from your school's tutoring center if possible.

Many colleges hire professional math tutors. These people normally have at least undergraduate degrees in a math subject, and they often have graduate degrees. These professionals also might engage in training students' tutors. Professional math tutors should have some experience working in the education field.



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