How Do I Become a Client Service Representative?

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To become a client service representative, it is likely that you will at least need a high school diploma and basic computer skills. You should prepare a resume and display the qualities that are relevant to the position during your interview. These include professionalism, attentiveness, and interpersonal skills. You should also do research and be prepared to take a personality assessment.

To begin with, you will want to make sure that you meet the educational requirements to become a client service representative. For many employers, you will be considered an eligible applicant if you have a high school diploma. Some positions, such as those with technology companies or specialized service providers, may require a degree or training that is relevant to that industry.

Many client service representatives use computers. They may do so for a wide range of tasks, such as accessing databases, using a company's intranet, or processing orders and complaints. You should have at least basic computer and Internet skills. Depending on the position, you may be required to have advanced skills or knowledge of certain software.

Displaying professionalism is likely to be a major concern for potential employers. You will want to do this initially by having a well-prepared resume even if you are required to fill out an application. The impression that you give during your interview is likely to be a major determining factor in whether you are hired. Make sure you are well groomed and that you display qualities that portray you as a strong candidate for the job. These include being friendly and attentive and demonstrating a genuine desire to help people.

Be prepared to take a personality assessment. Your aim to become a client service representative is essentially an offer for you to become a link between a company and its clients. Many employers will want to determine your level of interpersonal and problem-solving skills. You should realize that these will be critical to your job success. There are numerous online resources that provide advice for taking these assessments and that explain the logic behind the questions that are commonly asked.

The ability to effectively communicate is also important when trying to become a client service representative. You will need to have strong listening skills, and you may have to process information in a manner that allows you to determine problems that are not expressly stated. These jobs also generally involve providing details or instructions that may be imperative for clients to understand. If you plan to apply to work with individuals who speak a language that is not your native tongue, you should develop your language skills before lodging an application.


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