How do I Become a Child Support Lawyer?

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A person who wants to become a child support lawyer usually has to complete high school and then spend at least seven additional years on post-high-school education. A prospective child support lawyer typically attends college and earns a bachelor’s degree before spending at least three years in law school. He then takes a law exam to earn a license to practice law.

A person who wants to become a child support lawyer typically attends high school or seeks an equivalent diploma. Most colleges and universities accept equivalency diplomas, such as General Educational Development (GEDs) diplomas, in lieu of traditional high school diplomas. Attending high school may prove ideal, however, as doing so allows an aspiring lawyer to develop writing, comprehension, and communication skills that are important in the legal field. Additionally, the academic coursework typical of high school can provide good preparation for advanced coursework in college.

An individual who wants to become a child support lawyer typically needs a bachelor’s degree. Some aspiring lawyers choose pre-law or law-related undergraduate majors. An aspiring child support lawyer can earn his degree in just about any major and still have a good chance at admission to law school, however. For example, a prospective child support lawyer may earn a bachelor’s degree in English, history, economics, political science, or even business.


In many places, people who are interested in legal careers have to take a standardized exam before they are admitted to law school. This type of exam doesn’t measure a person’s knowledge of the law, however. Instead, it measures his ability to comprehend complex reading materials and analyze problems, relationships, and events. These tests also evaluate an aspiring lawyer’s ability to apply logic to arguments and problem solving.

Once in law school, a person who wants to become a child support lawyer will usually take a range of legal courses. To prepare for this career, he may do well to perform particularly well in courses related to family law. Many aspiring child support lawyers also spend their school breaks working as clerks or interns for firms and organizations that specialize in family law. This can provide them with valuable experience they can use after graduation.

Following graduation from law school and passing the required licensing legal exam, a person who wants to become a child support lawyer may go to work for a law firm or start his own practice. Many find it advantageous to seek law firm employment first, gaining experience that may prove helpful for opening their own practices or becoming a partner in a law firm. Some may even get job offers from law firms and organizations at which they worked while still in law school.



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