How Do I Become a Change Management Manager?

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To become a change management manager, you should obtain a suitable qualification from a recognized educational institution. Most universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in organizational change management, which fit well with a qualification in human resources, business management or communications. Courses typically include economics, perspectives on social change, managing the client-consultant relationship and organizational assessment and diagnosis. After you obtain an education in this field, you can look for an entry-level or higher position at a corporation and work your way up until you become a change management manager.

Managing change is a challenging requirement for businesses around the world. Advances in technology coupled with economic volatility cause companies to change their focus and business models, leaving employees vulnerable and lacking in confidence. Frequent restructuring results in unhappy employees who have expectations that need to be managed. Increasingly, opportunities exist for a person who is qualified to become a change management manager. Lucrative careers also are available for specialist consultants in this field.

You can obtain a change management accreditation through the international Change Management Institute (CMI), an independent nonprofit professional body. CMI accreditation involves a two-part assessment process. The first part requires you to provide written proof of competencies as specified in the CMI’s practitioner competency model. After successful completion, one or more professional practitioners will interview you in person, and you must present a case study to the panel. The institute also conducts thorough reference checks before approving accreditation.

A graduate who wants to become a change management manager can gain valuable change management manager training by securing a position with a large corporation. Multinational companies restructure departments regularly, which results in internal changes, layoffs and other situations that require change management, so this type of work is an excellent way to gain experience. Alternatively, obtaining a position within a firm offering business consulting services can be a steppingstone toward a career as a change management manager.

Work toward a management position by participating in every aspect of change management work. Find out the change management manager requirements for such a position in the company where you are employed. Strive to equip yourself to fill the position when it becomes vacant. You also can become a member of change management manager organizations. These groups participate in setting industry standards, helping potential employers identify qualified professionals, providing networking opportunities for members and focusing on building a common language and professional standard.


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