How do I Become a Certified Teacher?

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Being a teacher is more than a job; it is a passion and a calling. The best teachers dedicate themselves to the profession. The requirements for becoming a certified teacher vary from country to country. Some countries have separate requirements that can change depending on the state or province.

In the United States, there are a few basic requirements that need to be met in order to become a certified teacher. These requirements are standard across all certification programs, and they usually stay consistent from state to state. For secondary teachers these requirements include: A bachelor level degree or higher in a particular subject area and completion of an accredited teacher certification program. A teacher certification program often means a combination of coursework, student teaching and various tests and exams. Of these tests, one of the most important is the individual state competency test to obtain your teaching credential.

The requirements are the same for elementary level teachers; however, a person’s degree needs to be more generalized. Elementary level teachers in the United States usually have a degree in one of the following areas: education, liberal studies or child development.

Some countries do not have a standard teacher certification program. For example, in Australia,the education system is not regulated on a national level. Teaching qualifications vary from state to state; however, most teachers in Australia do hold an advanced degree.


Canada and England both have strict regulations to become a certified teacher. Canadian teachers must receive certification from a special college or department that is responsible for teacher certification. The certification includes one to two more years of university level education. Other basic requirements to obtain a teaching certificate in Canada include a criminal background check and a tuberculosis test; however, certification requirements usually vary from province to province.

In order to become a certified teacher in England you must obtain a Qualified Teacher Status. This usually includes completion of a BA or BS level degree and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education. There are faster ways to obtain a certification in England; however these requirements vary according to school type and location.

Regardless of your location, you will need to work to become a certified teacher; however, there are fast-paced programs that will help you to obtain a certification quicker than the traditional route. These programs are popular in areas that are in high need of teachers that are both educated professionals and devoted people.



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i m from india and i am currently in mexico city with my husband, who is here on a project. we will be here for atleast a year. i am a post graduate in business management.

i would like to utilize my time and obtain a teaching degree for primary school. how should i go about it?

another important thing is that i can't speak spanish so i need a school where they teach in english. thanks.

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