How do I Become a Certified Nutritionist?

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Becoming a certified nutritionist is a dream job for individuals who have a desire or passion to help others ensure they are eating in a healthy manner. Nutritionists pursue certification to prove that they have received adequate training and education to practice as a professional. One of the first steps to become a certified nutritionist is to obtain the proper education. Most states require the nutritionist to have a bachelor's degree before they can obtain certification. The best college or university to earn a degree from is an educational institution approved by the American Dietetic Associations Commission.

Once a bachelor's degree is complete, the nutritionist must enter a certification program. The certification program will include an application process that proves that the nutritionist has obtained the necessary education to work professionally. An exam is also administered to verify the individual's knowledge.

Some individuals may opt for gaining hands-on experience to help them become a certified nutritionist. Hands-on experience can be gained at hospitals, medical practices, or other health care institutions that have internship opportunities available for individuals who want to become certified nutritionists and work in a specific field of nutrition.


A certified nutritionist must enjoy helping people and must learn to work with the public effectively. In some cases, certified nutritionists work in communities to develop and implement food and nutrition policies that will promote healthy eating habits in the communities. For example, certified nutritionists are hired by school districts to plan menus for school cafeterias.

To become a certified nutritionist, the individual must learn about various diseases and illnesses. Individuals diagnosed with certain illnesses may use food as a tool to treat their condition. The certified nutritionist can help create meal plans that will cater to a person's dietary needs and improve their condition.

An individual that wants to become a certified nutritionist must also have knowledge of fitness and exercise. Increasingly, certified nutritionists work in the fitness industry to help consumers implement dietary programs that will help them meet their fitness goals. Professional athletes, runners, and individuals who want to get in shape often use nutritionists.

Certified nutritionists work in a variety of settings, such as medical practices, hospitals, health departments, outpatient care facilities, and community health centers. Some certified nutritionists desire to work on their own. These certified nutritionists work as independent consultants for individuals that want to make dietary changes.



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