How do I Become a Cartoon Illustrator?

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If you want to become a cartoon illustrator, you are likely to find that you can have many different types of backgrounds in order to be a good candidate for these jobs. You may be able to find employment with an associate's or bachelor's degree in graphic arts. If you want the best possible education to help you find a great position, you might want to pursue a degree in cartooning or cartoon animation. It is important to note that even though a bachelor's degree is technically not necessary to find work in this field, it is recommended, simply because of the amount of competition you will face in this field.

For the most part, jobs that are found in this career require candidates to have the ability to draw and work with images using different computer software programs. If you have the desire to become a cartoon illustrator, employment options can be found with newspapers, websites, or in the broadcasting industry. The best way to prepare for your future career is to focus on a few specific areas of study while you are pursuing your degree. These areas include cartooning, drawing, the nature of color, and sculpture.


While you do not necessarily have to be a funny person or have an unusual sense of humor to become a cartoon illustrator, it may be helpful for success in some jobs. You do not, however, need to have the ability to create drawings on paper. Since everyone uses software systems today, you will probably do the majority of your work using a keyboard and mouse, or other computer-based technology.

As someone who is interested in this type of career, you should be aware that cartoon illustrators may work in one of several different areas. These could include freelance cartoon illustrator, cartoonist, film animator, or commercial illustrator. Depending on the type of educational background you have, you may be qualified to work in more than one of these areas. This, of course, would make you more marketable, and might provide you with a greater sense of security.

In some situations, you might find it a bit difficult to initially find a job in this field. If you want to become a cartoon illustrator, you should realize that competition for positions is keen. If you have the skills and education to back you up, you might need to find alternative employment to begin with, such as working as a graphic artist or as a video game designer.



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