How do I Become a Camp Nurse?

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A person who wants to become a camp nurse usually needs education and training in nursing. Most people who are interested in camp nursing become registered nurses. Some, however, may become licensed practical nurses or even nursing assistants instead, working as part of a camp’s medical team. Additionally, a person who wants to become a camp nurse may also benefit from gaining at least some experience working with children.

The educational requirements for a person who wants to become a camp nurse depend on the type of nurse he wants to become and the camp at which he plans to work. If a camp is only hiring registered nurses, an aspiring camp nurse will need to secure the education necessary to become a registered nurse and then pass his jurisdiction’s licensing exam. In most places, a person may become a registered nurse by earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Alternatively, an individual may become a registered nurse by seeking an associate's degree in nursing. Some people may even become registered nurses by earning nursing diplomas from a jurisdiction-approved nursing program.


An individual interested in becoming a camp nurse may also fulfill the requirements by securing the training necessary to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Generally, this requires a high school diploma or its equivalent followed by training in a jurisdiction-approved LPN program. An aspiring camp nurse may find such training programs at universities or community colleges. Some vocational schools and hospitals may offer such programs as well. After completing the required amount of schooling, a person interested in becoming an LPN must usually take an exam in order to become licensed in his particular area.

There are some camps that hire nursing assistants to work as part of a team of camp nursing staff members. Becoming a nursing assistant usually requires some education and training. Generally, a person interested in this type of nursing completes a 12- to 16-week training program after obtaining a high school diploma. Upon completion of the course, an aspiring camp nurse may have to take a test to become certified. This depends on the jurisdiction in which he plans to work.

With the training and credentials he needs in hand, an aspiring camp nurse can contact camps and find out whether they have jobs available. He may also search newspaper help-wanted ads. Additionally, a person may become a camp nurse by browsing and replying to posts for camp nursing positions that are listed on an online job search database.



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