How do I Become a Call Center Manager?

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Call center managers oversee the quality and efficiency of customer service operations at an inbound or outbound calling facility. They conduct performance reviews, identify the need for new techniques or equipment, and train new workers. An individual who wants to become a call center manager can develop skills and gain experience in entry-level call center jobs. In addition, a person can greatly increase his or her chances of landing a managerial job by pursuing a bachelor's or master's degrees in business.

Many call centers prefer to promote dedicated workers to managerial positions instead of bringing in outside managers. An entry-level employee who wants to become a call center manager can improve his or her chances of getting a promotion by performing exceptionally well. He or she can study policies and procedures, master computer and phone systems, and interact frequently with management. A worker who shows up to every shift on time and expresses a desire to advance within a company will likely get the opportunity to become a call center manager.


Despite exceptional worker performance, some call centers require prospective managers to hold college degrees in business administration, marketing, or a similar field. An individual who wants to become a call center manager can improve his or her credentials by earning a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university. An undergraduate has the opportunity to study the fundamentals of operating a business. Courses in labor relations, economics, computer science, and communications can be very helpful in developing essential knowledge and skills.

Many students decide to apply to graduate school programs to further improve their chances of finding managerial jobs. A master's degree program in business administration usually lasts about two years, during which time a student attends lectures and conducts independent research on various business topics. Many schools feature internships that can provide a student who wants to become a call center manager an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience. Following graduation, an individual can put together a thorough resume and begin applying for full-time jobs.

In addition to earning a degree, a hopeful manager may decide to pursue additional voluntary certification from a respected national organization. Becoming certified may not be necessary to find a job, but it may give an individual an advantage over other applicants. Once a person is able to become a call center manager, he or she usually spends several weeks learning about specific job duties under the guidance of experienced supervisors. A new manager is taught how to maintain employee files, conduct reviews, and set schedules. With time and proven skills, he or she is given additional responsibilities and allowed to begin working independently.



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