How Do I Become a CAD Trainee?

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Most companies that hire Computer-Aided Design (CAD) trainees are looking for individuals with a technical background, including education in math, computer science, engineering, and mechanical design. Some experience with CAD software is also usually expected if you want to become a CAD trainee, so you'll need to have access to the software, which may either be purchased or accessed through an architecture or engineering school. Many companies want their trainees to be certified in the software, so learning on your own may not be enough.

People who use CAD technology are drafters who need to create accurate, detailed designs for products and structures. Some of the most common CAD features are the ability to see a design from virtually any angle and the ability to alter the sizes and dimensions of designs with relatively simple keyboard commands.

Choosing the best CAD trainee program depends largely on how you planning on using your CAD skills. This technology is used in a number of different industries and fields, such as architecture, computer animation, product engineering, and prosthetics. An individual who wants to become a CAD trainee in computer animation, for example, might enroll in an art program where CAD instruction is a key component of curriculum.


A person who is interested in architecture, on the other hand, should earn an undergraduate degree in a relevant field. An individual who would like to become a CAD trainee in architecture should also enroll in a graduate program, since this often is the best way to get access to internships and apprenticeships. Some students in graduate architecture programs might major in a field such as civil engineering, in which they develop bridges, roads, public institutions, water systems, and other complex structures that are beneficial to the general public. Others might focus on remodeling historical buildings or even on developing landscape architecture.

Another way to become a CAD trainee is to find employment at an organization that can train you as part of job preparation. A student who would like to work in architecture, for example, might become a CAD trainee at an architectural firm. Graduate programs commonly place CAD students with organizations where they can learn CAD-related skills. In most cases, employers prefer not to hire new employees for CAD related positions if they are not already familiar with this drafting program. When a valuable employee is ready to take on more responsibility, however, an employer might invest in training him or her.

CAD programs are available to the general public, so people might choose to purchase these programs for recreational use. If an individual would like to create his or her own product, he or she might want to become a CAD trainee in order to learn this complex software. Many technical institutes and design programs offer courses and training sessions for non-degree students.



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