How Do I Become a Business Planning Analyst?

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A business planning analyst is a person who performs in-depth analyses of a particular business to determine its strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of restructuring. Part of the responsibilities of this position include developing a strategic plan for increasing business efficiency; this may be done by researching other business models and making adjustments accordingly. In order to become a business planning analyst, you will very likely need to earn a college degree. Marketing, advertising, economics, mathematics, computer systems, business and administration, or planning degrees are all appropriate choices for helping you become a business planning analyst.

Be prepared to start at the bottom if you want to become a business planning analyst. The best people for this position are those who thoroughly know and understand the inner workings of a particular business and the greater industry or profession at large. Even if you earn a college degree, you will need to constantly research and learn more about the profession and the business and exhibit your skills and knowledge on a daily basis regardless of your job description. You may start with an entry-level position at a company and work your way up through the ranks to eventually become a business planning analyst. Whenever possible, take part in any training sessions or apprenticeships that are offered through the company.


One way to showcase your skills in this realm is to work with non-profit organizations or start-up businesses. These entities are usually in need of professionals who can analyze business models and suggest changes that will make that entity more efficient, cost-effective, and overall more competitive in the market. Small businesses and start-ups are also more likely to hire people who have little or no direct experience with business planning and analysis, so if you are fresh out of college and need to gain work experience, you may want to consider offering your services. You may not get paid for your time and effort, but you will be provided with valuable experience you can include on your resumé.

Once you have some basic experience under your belt, you can become a business planning analyst by applying for a position with a larger company. You may end up getting hired as a member of a planning and analysis team, and you will more than likely end up working under the guidance of a supervisor with more experience. Take every opportunity to learn from more experienced professionals and work hard in whatever capacity you are assigned.



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