How Do I Become a Business Lecturer?

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The training and preparation you will need to become a business lecturer depends, at least initially, on your location, as the term “lecturer” can mean different things in different places. In the United States, for instance, a business lecturer is a seasoned business professional who teaches one or two university courses on the side. A British business lecturer, however, is a full professor, that is, someone whose primary job is teaching business on a university campus. Expertise in corporate structures, incorporation models, and practical business knowledge is required in both instances. Extensive education, often at the doctorate level, is also generally preferred.

In the United States, only a person with extensive first-hand knowledge of corporate happenings and structures can become a business lecturer. The job is essentially that of an adjunct professor. This kind of lecturer is hired based on his or her record in the industry, with the hope that he or she will pass some of that knowledge on to the next generation.

This sort of university lecturer job is not usually widely advertised. Schools usually seek out experts to teach certain courses and will offer courses to select industry leaders as a way of boosting the school’s prestige and offering a more cutting-edge education to students. It is not usually possible to become a business lecturer in this capacity without an invitation.


Soliciting an invitation to become a business lecturer is not always easy, but it can be done, particularly if you have expertise that is somehow rare or unusual. Start with the chair of a school’s business department. Write a letter or make an appointment to outline your interest. Be prepared to describe exactly which courses you wish to teach and provide some explanation of how your proposed course would benefit students, the school, or both.

If funding seems to be a concern, ask about the possibility of serving as a volunteer lecturer. Teaching one or two classes on a volunteer basis can be a great way to gain experience, as well as to drum up demand for your business teacher services. Even minimal experience may translate to paying jobs or more permanent lectureship positions later on.

The process to become a business lecturer in the United Kingdom is completely different. In English universities, a business lecturer is a full-time business professor. The job is an academic career on par with the U.S. equivalents of associate or assistant professors. Getting this sort of job generally requires extensive education, teaching experience, and passion for teaching multiple courses across the business spectrum. Lecturers often teach complex courses in their areas of expertise alongside introductory and more generalized lessons.

Most of the time, getting this sort of lecturer job requires participation in the academic job market. Universities typically advertise business department openings up to a year in advance, and prospective applicants must submit research materials, recommendation letters, and school transcripts, among other things, for consideration. Extensive interviews and often practice teaching sessions are all part of the process.

It is often a good idea to begin looking for business lecturer positions while you are finishing your graduate degree work. This way, you will have a job lined up once you graduate and can transition directly from being a student to serving as a lecturer. Most lecturer appointments are permanent track, which means that they can be extended indefinitely, based on performance. Some are more temporary, however. New graduates often take temporary positions as a way of breaking into the field, and as a way of buying time to find the perfect permanent fit.



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