How do I Become a Business Law Attorney?

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Each jurisdiction may set its own requirements for those who want to become business law attorneys. What most jurisdictions have in common, however, are education requirements. Typically, you will have to graduate from college and earn a law degree to become a business law attorney. You may also consider going on to earn an additional credential, such as a Master of Law degree or a post-law certificate, as you work toward a career in this field. Additionally, you will likely have to prove your readiness to practice law by passing a bar exam.

To become a business law attorney, you will typically need a specialized education in the legal field. You can get this special education in law school, but you will usually need a bachelor’s degree to gain acceptance to a law school program. In most places, this means you’ll have to spend four years in college earning a degree before you enter law school. While it may seem logical to pursue a pre-law or law-related major while you are in college, this is not usually required. If you meet a law school’s other admissions requirements, you may gain admission no matter what your major; choosing a business-related major may provide particularly good preparation for a career in business law, however.


In order to gain admission to law school and become a business law attorney, you will usually have to earn high grades in college. Law school admission is competitive, and admissions officers will usually consider your transcript heavily as they decide whether or not to admit you. They may also consider your scores on pre-admission standardized testing as well as letters of recommendation and any required essays. Some law schools may also have an interview process that helps admissions officers determine whether or not you will be a good addition to the law school’s student body.

Once you have been accepted to law school, you will have to take a selection of law school courses to become a business law attorney; this mandatory core of courses is intended to provide good preparation for practice in a general field of law. There are some law school courses that may provide particularly good preparation for a career in this field, however. When you have an opportunity to choose law school courses, those in contract law, cyber law, and corporate law may prove helpful. Likewise, employment and copyright law courses may prepare you as well. While not required, you may secure further education by pursing a Master of Law degree in business law or a related post-law-degree certificate.

Most jurisdictions require licensing for individuals who want to become lawyers. As such, your final steps in becoming a business law attorney will likely include passing a legal exam and applying for a license. In many jurisdictions, this legal test is referred to as the bar exam.



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