How do I Become a Business Architect?

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A business architect is a professional designer and engineer who specializes in creating construction plans for commercial buildings, offices, public event centers, and other structures. He or she must have extensive math, physics, design, computer, and art experience to create original designs for important buildings. An individual who wants to become a business architect must typically obtain a professional degree in architecture, complete internship and training requirements, and pass a licensing examination administered by his or her country or state.

Often, an individual who decides he or she wants to become a business architect begins preparing for the career while in high school. High school math, science, and art classes are important to hopeful architects, as they teach students the basic principles of physics and drawing. Many high school students try to attain paid or unpaid internships at local architectural firms to gain experience, begin building their resumes, and learn more about the job.

Prospective business architects typically pursue four- or five-year bachelor's degrees from accredited colleges and universities. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to take courses specifically related to their eventual careers, learning the fundamentals of project design and becoming familiar with the various tools and computer programs essential to their trade. Many students receive additional instruction in environmental management, physics, statistics, and engineering.


In order to obtain a professional degree and become a business architect, a student generally enrolls in a two-year master's degree program, where he or she gains additional hands-on experience. Many students are awarded the opportunity to work as interns at local architecture firms to help establish themselves in the business. Internships generally last about three years, during which time individuals assist experienced professionals and demonstrate their design skills.

An individual who has met all educational and training requirements must take a licensing exam before he or she can become a business architect and work independently. Written licensing exams are given by accredited state or national architectural boards, and provide a successful test-taker with a license to practice independently in his or her locality. The content of licensing exams varies by location, but most exams test an individual's knowledge of building codes, environmental laws, regulations, and terminology.

When a person passes the licensing exam, he or she is finally able to become a business architect. Many new workers are able to stay at the firms that provided their internships as fully-licensed architects. Others find work in governmental organizations, construction companies, and privately owned architectural design companies. With enough experience and a strong portfolio, a business architect may eventually open his or her own firm.



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