How Do I Become a Building Services Engineer?

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The steps needed to become a building services engineer, which may be classified under a different title in some countries, is an extensive process that involves education, experience, and hands-on training. Due to the amount of subcategories in this profession, schooling may take between six and eight years. An enhanced knowledge of mathematics and sciences is essential to become a building services engineer, and you should research full job descriptions and local requirements before officially choosing this profession. This job is highly complex, and you will need to be up-to-date on technological innovations.

A bachelor's of science (B.S.) degree is generally required to become a building services engineer, but most companies prefer employees to have a master's degree in the field. This particular field covers a wide variety of building components, and coursework may include topics such as introduction to structural analysis, fundamentals of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, basics of electrical and illumination systems for buildings, and building structural systems in steel and concrete. Almost all of these courses will require previous coursework in science, physics, and mathematics, which you will generally take the first year of undergraduate studies.


Most students choose to get their master's degree, which will increase career opportunities and enhance their knowledge of the industry. Most master's degree programs in this field will require your bachelor's degree to be in an engineering specialty, otherwise there may be additional steps you have to take. Graduate school generally focuses on more hands-on training than the undergraduate program because the advanced courses are usually based solely on engineering. If you opt not to continue your education in a graduate program, you should apply for an internship to begin working on the experience required to become a building services engineer.

There may be licensing exams depending on the country, and you will need to research all requirements before seeking employment. Previous work experience or an internship will greatly increase your chance to become a building services engineer, and a lack of experience may only qualify you for an entry-level position. The Internet, local newspapers, and job fairs are usually excellent places to begin your job search.

Some professions in this field require an additional set of traits, including the ability to work with a team, analytical thinking, enhanced problem solving, technical writing, unique building design qualities, and communication skills. Computers are an important component of the job, and you will need to be extremely computer literate to perform most duties. Seminars and continuing education course may help you sharpen your technical skills.



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