How do I Become a Biomedical Equipment Tecnician?

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Because of the advancement of medicine and medical technology, new jobs are constantly being created and expanded in the health care field. One popular career option is to become a biomedical equipment technician, also known as a biomedical engineering technician or a biomedical electronic technician. In general, a biomedical equipment technician is responsible for making sure that the technical biomedical equipment is used properly and in good working condition.

The path to become a biomedical equipment technician is an interesting one. After completing high school or the equivalent, a potential technician can train anywhere from two to four years. Programs exist through colleges, universities, community colleges, and vocational institutes. In most cases, the programs end when the candidate receives her associate’s degree; however, she can continue on and add coursework to her associate’s degree to receive a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on biomedical equipment.

For those wishing to become a biomedical equipment technician, the coursework can be very grueling. In most cases, the curriculum focuses on electronics, mathematics, computers, biology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. Those candidates who find the coursework interesting will often have a natural aptitude for mechanical, electrical, and technical problem-solving issues.


It is essential that one can communicate clearly – both in speaking and in writing – to become a biomedical equipment technician. One portion of the job is reading and communicating crucial details, writing instruction manuals, and giving clear instructions to hospital staff. In addition, it is helpful if the candidate is able to work well in high-stress situations, as one would experience in a hospital setting.

Those who become a biomedical equipment technician have the option of becoming certified in the field. In order to become certified, one must fulfill various educational, training, and examination pre-requisites. Certification is administered by the International Certification Commission in two levels – candidate level and full level. Additional experience is required to become fully certified. Passing the test to become a biomedical equipment technician who is certified will show employers that she is skilled and experienced in her field.

Biomedical equipment technicians are found in hospitals and clinics around the world. In Canada, they are called biomedical equipment technologists. Most programs are two years in duration, similar to the associate’s degree; however, there are programs that are four years long and usually focus on biomedical engineering. Once someone makes the decision to become a biomedical equipment technician, job opportunities can be found almost anywhere there are hospitals and clinics with high-tech equipment.



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