How Do I Become a Bench Carpenter?

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There are a few different ways to become a bench carpenter, depending on whether you prefer to learn on the job or receive more structured classroom training. One way to begin this type of a career is to obtain a carpenter's helper position. This type of apprenticeship position is often available to anyone who has a high school education or equivalent. After you have trained alongside an experienced carpenter, you will be able to become a bench carpenter in your own right. The other way to go about entering this field is to attend a community college or vocational school and obtain a degree that will allow you to enter the work force as a carpenter.

Bench carpenters can perform a wide range of duties, depending on their specific job descriptions. Some bench carpenters are responsible for assembling prefabricated pieces into finished units, which can require the use of various woodworking tools. When an assembly line type production method is used, a bench carpenter may perform one repetitive task and use only a limited range of his skills. Other bench carpenters actually construct items from scratch, requiring them to use many different types of woodworking tools depending on the particular job.


If you want to become a bench carpenter, you can begin preparation before you graduate from high school. Bench carpenters typically need to have an understanding of algebra and geometry, so you may want to focus on those types of math courses. You will typically need the ability to communicate effectively as well, so it can also be important to take language courses that involve writing and oral communication. After high school, you may look for a carpenter's helper job or attempt to enter a more structured apprenticeship program. You will typically be ready to become a bench carpenter after several years as a helper or apprentice.

The other main way to become a bench carpenter is to attend a community college or vocational school. You may want to look for a school that is affiliated with unions or large construction companies, as these programs may offer you a better chance to become a bench carpenter immediately after graduation. It is still sometimes necessary to work under an experienced carpenter after graduating from these programs, but in most cases you will start off at a substantially higher level than new employees that lack any post-secondary education. You may also want to seek out specific certifications, which can prove that you are competent in various aspects of carpentry.



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