How Do I Become a Battery Technician?

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A battery technician works on the installation, repair, testing, recharging, and maintenance of various types of batteries, including those used in industrial devices and vehicles. The requirements you will have to meet to become a battery technician depend on the employer who hires you and the particulars of the job. Some employers may prove willing to hire individuals who hold only high school diplomas. For example, a job that entails installing and recharging batteries for vehicles may require a high school diploma, but jobs that involve such processes as designing batteries and working with complicated systems will require a degree instead. Additionally, you will likely need analytical abilities, mathematical skills, manual dexterity, and other related skills to qualify for this job.

The educational background you will need to become a battery technician may vary from company to company. At minimum, you will typically need a high school diploma or its equivalent. Some employers may require an associate's degree or bachelor's degree instead, however. Generally, a job that requires the ability to follow directions, mechanical aptitude, and a simple understanding of science as it applies to batteries will require a diploma; those that require advanced knowledge of science, technology, and engineering may require a degree.


If you plan to apply for a battery technician job that requires a degree, you may benefit from choosing an engineering degree program. This type of program typically offers physics, technology, and engineering classes that will help you better understand how batteries work and how they power the devices that use them. Such a program may also help you gain a better understanding of electrical processes and mechanical subjects. Additionally, you could consider taking on an apprenticeship to gain experience and knowledge helpful for this type of job.

You will also need mechanical skills to become a battery technician. In most cases, employers will expect you to be capable of performing various mechanical tests on batteries and cells. A prospective employer may also prove more likely to hire you if you are in good physical condition. Often, these positions require the lifting of heavy batteries, tools, and equipment. Mathematical and critical-thinking skills typically are vital as well.

Customer service, communication, and independent work skills may also prove important when you want to become a battery technician. Some of these jobs require direct contact with consumers, so customer service skills are often critical. Regardless of whether you work with consumers, you will usually need good communication skills for working with other staff members. Additionally, this type of work often requires the ability to follow directions and work independently.



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