How Do I Barbeque Shrimp?

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There are two ways to barbeque shrimp: using a grill or simply using an indoor stove and covering the shrimp in a barbeque-like sauce. A key to getting shrimp bursting with flavor is marinating the seafood before cooking it, which typically takes at least 30 minutes. It is important to use fresh, raw shrimp rather than pre-cooked shrimp that only needs to be warmed up. This way, the shrimp can be thoroughly cooked in the marinade and spices rather than simply coating the food. To barbeque shrimp on a grill, the cook needs to have skewers on hand.

Cooking shrimp on a grill is the traditional way to barbeque them. They are placed on skewers with ample space between each shrimp piece. The skewers should be soaked in water for 20 to 30 minutes prior to cooking to reduce the odds of them catching on fire during the grilling. Once the shrimp are on the skewers and the grill is pre-heated and lightly oiled to prevent sticking, the shrimp are placed directly on the grill. Raw shrimp usually does not take more than two to three minutes to fully cook on each side, so wait the maximum amount of time or just flip the shrimp when they start to become opaque.

Some people choose to barbeque shrimp on the stove, either because they do not have a grill or they prefer the flavor of stove-cooked shrimp. In this version of barbeque shrimp, the shrimp is usually not peeled, but it is also raw like the grill version. Worcestershire sauce, fresh garlic, and black pepper are typical seasonings added to the pan. In addition, the recipes usually call for unsalted butter, seeded lemon, and sometimes beer or soda. The ingredients are mixed into a pan along with the raw, unpeeled shrimp and then cooked for about four minutes.

Many people choose to marinate the shrimp before making it into barbeque shrimp. This usually does not take longer than a few hours and can be as short as 30 minutes. The marinade, such as beer or a garlic or barbeque sauce, is poured over the shrimp and placed in the refrigerator. If the sauce does not cover all of the shrimp, the shrimp should be flipped half-way through the marinating process. It is important to keep shrimp frozen or at least refrigerated until cooked. Leftovers should be frozen or refrigerated within two hours of cooking or thrown away if left out longer.


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