How Do I Barbecue Sea Bass?

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The first step in barbecuing sea bass is purchasing the right amount of it — many food experts recommend about 8 ounces (226.79 grams) per serving. You can barbecue sea bass using either direct or indirect heat, and preparing your grill is an important part of the process as well. Light seasoning is usually adequate for this type of fish, and it is best cooked using medium heat. It is done when the fish is opaque, even at its center, and flakes easily.

When you want to barbecue sea bass, you may do well to make sure you purchase enough to feed everyone at your table. You'll typically need about 8 ounces (226.79 grams) of sea bass per serving. If you intend to cook a meal for four people, you will need about 2 pounds (907 grams) of sea bass.

There are two basic ways to barbecue sea bass: using direct or indirect heat. To use indirect heat, you will need to heat one side of your grill but not the other. You then cook the fish on the side of the grill that is not heated, keeping the lid covered for the entire time. The direct-heat method involves placing the fish on the grill grate above the heat source. Both methods allow you to cook the fish, but indirect heat allows you to make sure the fish is cooked through without worrying about overcooking it or burning its surface — direct grilling may prove a better option when you want to barbecue sea bass quickly, however.

Preparing your grill is also an important part of barbecuing sea bass. To keep the fish from sticking to the grill, you may do well to spray it with vegetable oil before you heat the grill. Preheating is important as well, and you will typically need about 30 minutes of preheating time for a charcoal grill and 10 to 15 minutes for a gas grill.

Seasoning is typically an important consideration when you want to barbecue food. In the case of sea bass, you probably won't need much. Sea bass is described as flavorful on its own, but you can marinate it first if it will better suit your tastes. To take advantage of its natural flavor, however, you can season it with salt and pepper on both sides before you cook it or sprinkle it with garlic powder, lemon pepper, and salt. In fact, some people only season this type of fish with the juice of a lemon and a few sprinkles of pepper.

Most cooking experts recommend using medium heat to barbecue sea bass. The amount of time you need for grilling typically depends on the thickness of the fish. You can judge when it is done by looking for an opaque coloring throughout the fish and a flaky texture when you test it with a fork.


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