How Do I Barbecue Chicken Breast?

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You can barbecue chicken breast by using your home oven or a barbecue grill. If you prefer to barbecue chicken breast in the oven, be sure to use a roasting pan that is large enough for the amount of chicken you wish to cook. You'll also need a basting brush and a cooking thermometer. For cooking on a grill, use chicken pieces that are skinless and boneless, and select the leanest chicken breasts available. After washing your chicken breast pieces, you must dry them before adding your marinade or barbecue sauce, otherwise the marinade could become runny.

Marinading the chicken is important to bring out the meat's natural juices and flavor. Whether you prepare a homemade marinade or use a store-bought variety, let the mixture soak through the chicken breasts for about 20-45 minutes. To reduce the risk of foodborne illness, never leave chicken out at room temperature during the marinating process.

Before placing your chicken onto the grill for cooking, it is important to grease the rack with a non-stick coating spray or you could have a messy clean up afterward. Keep in mind that if you barbecue the meat for longer than six or seven minutes on each side, the meat could become tough or dry. Also, do not use a very high temperature setting when barbecuing your chicken.

You might prefer to oven roast barbecue chicken breast, and you can find several ways of doing so. You can add optional ingredients, such as mushrooms, onion, and fresh garlic. Barbecue sauce can be any flavor you like, or you can use a special marinade. You should bake the chicken in the oven at about 425° Fahrenheit (218° Celsius) after basting with the savory barbecue sauce. Baking times may vary according to individual ovens, but medium sized thawed chicken breast pieces should take about 60 minutes.

Undercooked chicken can cause serious illness, so always be certain the meat is cooked thoroughly. The inside of the meat should not be pink, as this indicates meat that is not evenly cooked. Using your digital cooking thermometer, be sure the chicken has reached an internal temperature of 170° Fahrenheit (76° Celsius) to minimize risk of contamination.

Be sure to sanitize all surfaces that have come in contact with raw chicken. This might include kitchen counter tops, pans, and sinks. After preparing your barbecue chicken breast recipe, remember to wash your hands thoroughly, as raw chicken could harbor dangerous bacteria that could make you ill.


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