How Do I Apply for Forensic Science Jobs?

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The process of applying for forensic science jobs includes identifying job listings, following application instructions and following through with the application and interview process. Applicants for forensic science jobs might find it helpful to organize their résumés, letters of reference and other supporting materials so that they are prepared before they start looking for jobs. It also can be advisable to check on and refresh any safety or training certifications, if necessary.

Job listings for positions in forensics can be found in a number of locations. Law enforcement and other government agencies provide public job listings at their facilities and on government websites. Some also advertise in trade publications. If a subscription to a publication is too expensive, a library might stock it or be able to provide journal access. Newspapers sometimes also include listings for local government jobs.

Private companies that offer forensic science jobs can publish listings in many locations. They might also advertise in newspapers and journals, and they typically maintain a list of open positions on their websites. Applicants who have a strong interest in a particular company or organization might consider contacting the human resources office and asking whether they would like a résumé for their files. If a position opens up, the company can contact the applicant to discuss an interview.

Ideally, it should be possible to generate a list of positions for which an applicant is qualified. It might help to set up a list of the positions in a spreadsheet with information about wages, benefits, location and other aspects of the job. This type of list can be helpful when it comes to ranking positions by order of interest. Applicants should read job listings carefully and submit all requested materials; typically a cover letter is necessary along with a résumé or curriculum vitae.

While writing a cover letter to apply for forensic science jobs, it is fine to use a generic letter to briefly cover experience and qualifications, but it is important to customize the opening and headers. The applicant also should include at least one paragraph specific to the job opening, explaining his or her suitability for the position and level of interest in the job. Applicants should always proofread carefully, paying special attention to contact information. It can help to ask a friend to check for homonyms and missed typos.

After sending out applications, the applicant might receive requests for interviews. Interview preparation in the form of practice with friends can be helpful, and it is important to dress professionally and be polite and attentive during the interview. Some forensic science jobs might require multiple callbacks before the human resources department will offer a position or indicate that it is not interested.


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