How do I Apply for a Mortgage?

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Those who want to apply for a mortgage need to do a few things first in preparation, and then, once ready, they have a number of places they can look to apply. It’s recommended to most people that the first step in buying a home should not be looking for one. Instead, most people should try to get pre-approval for financing so they know their price range exactly and the amount they can expect to pay in mortgage payments in houses of a certain price. Additionally, restrictions on getting mortgages have tightened considerably since the subprime housing crisis, and not all people who apply for a mortgage are able to obtain one.

Most folks looking to apply for a mortgage should first get a credit report which tells them credit score and any negative information that may be listed. It’s also important to check the accuracy of the report and deal with any false information contained there before applying for mortgage loans. A good credit score is now considered over 700, and if the amount is less, people may want to call mortgage companies to see which companies will accept scores that are less than 700. The number of companies available that do this has been steadily shrinking, but an Internet search may help reveal some.


If credit score checks out, applicants will also need to keep additional materials handy to apply for a mortgage. They should have a recent pay stub, a copy of last year’s income tax report, and a log of work history for the last ten years. Work history should include dates of employment, and contact information for each employer. People may also need to have information on where they lived in the last ten years, and should be able to provide information on homes they purchased or rented, and landlord addressees and phone numbers.

The next step is to research mortgage companies, since prospective borrowers should search for best rates and fewest restrictions. It isn’t always prudent to apply for a mortgage at several companies at once because each may charge application fees that can quickly add up. There are a few ways to conduct research. People can look online at various mortgage company offerings, and they can also contact banks and other lenders to get information about their mortgages offered. Borrowers are advised to read all fine print before they apply to make certain there are no hidden costs associated with accepting certain mortgages and they also need to compare rates to get the best one.

Once a company is selected, potential borrowers should have all information on hand so that they can quickly fill out application forms. There is some concern about applying to companies that exist on the Internet, and this may be justified. Those interested in a company offering mortgages online should get their physical address and do some additional research to make sure that the company is legitimate.

First time buyers may have extra resources when they apply for a mortgage. Some countries offer special government loaning programs, which can make this process easier. Another group that may be able to get special loans are member of the military and military veterans. Those who fall into these groups should look up information pertaining to special offers before applying for a mortgage.



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