How can my Child get Help with Summer School Work?

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A child may need help with summer school work just as she needs help during the school year. Just because most students are out of school, that does not mean that you or your child need to feel like resources are limited. Summer can actually offer advantages when you consider getting assistance from sources such as the public library or tutors.

If your child needs help with reading or English, the public library can be a good source of help. Many public libraries have summer programs designed to encourage children to strengthen their skills and develop an appreciation for reading. Special time and attention are often set aside to help children attain reading and writing goals. Extra staff is also sometimes hired to facilitate these programs. This can offer your child the opportunity to get free assistance with summer school work in these areas.

Teachers who are looking to supplement their income may also be available for tutoring your child with summer school work. You may even be able to get this assistance from the teacher who has identified your child’s problem. During the school year, teachers may be hesitant to offer this type of assistance due to busy schedules and fear of showing favoritism.


For an even better bargain, you may be able to employ other students as tutors. This can be a good summer job for them and a benefit for your child. Parents who are hesitant about allowing their children to earn money during the school year may be open to the idea of tutoring as a summer job for their children. University students who take off or take a lighter course load during the summer may also be eager to accept this kind of work.

Depending on what summer school work your child needs help with, museums may be a big help. Like many other businesses, museums try to make themselves attractive for summer spenders. They often run special exhibits that will appeal to students. They also tend to offer discussions, workshops, and movies that younger crowds will like. These can be especially helpful if your child needs help in the various areas of science.

There is also the Internet, which is available any time of year. If you and your child are not familiar with the various resources that are available online, summer may offer you the extra opportunity to familiarize yourself. There, you will find items such as papers, encyclopedias and study guides, and even special materials targeting those who need help with summer school work.



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