How can I Whittle Down my Countertop Ideas?

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One of the most common decisions involved with a home renovation is what to do with the kitchen and bathroom countertops. A quick look through any home store makes it evident that the number of options can be bewildering. Fortunately, there are some ways to eliminate most of these diverse options and create a short list of countertop ideas.

To begin, it is a good idea to focus on which room the countertop will occupy. There are not that many different countertop ideas that will work for a bathroom renovation and also fit into a kitchen renovation. To make your task easier, focus on one room at a time and think in terms of what type of countertop will enhance the look and function of that one room.

The options for a kitchen countertop may seem overwhelming, but thinking in terms of utility as well as looks will help narrow that list of countertop ideas. Do you need something that can double as a chopping block? A marble countertop might fill the bill. You can combine more of an industrial look with durability by choose a granite countertop. For sheer beauty that is still stain resistant, look into the possibility of a quartz countertop or one of the several stone countertops on the market today.


When it comes to the bathroom countertop, there is a good chance you will want to go with something that works very well with the wall and floor tiles. Again, the practical aspect can help narrow down the number of countertop ideas that are worth consideration. Both marble and laminated countertops offer color and design options that may be ideal. Make sure to stay away from a wooden countertop in the bathroom; the porous material is not suitable, even when it is sealed.

There is also one other practical factor that is likely to impact the number of countertop ideas on your list. Unless you are willing to go into debt, there is a good chance that you can only afford to spend so much on the new countertops. This means that any countertop option that costs more than you can afford automatically comes off the list. Don’t waste time looking at any option that is out of your price range, no matter how attractive it may be. There is every chance you will find something that will please you and still be affordable, if you simply take your time.

Keeping your countertop ideas to a reasonable number is fairly easy, as long as you keep function, style, and cost in mind at all times. This will eliminate the need to wade through all those options that don’t meet all three of these important criteria, and make it possible to focus more directly on ideas that will be right for you.



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