How Can I Treat Dry Skin on the Scalp?

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There are several methods for treating dry skin on the scalp, and many involve changes in how you clean and care for your hair and scalp as well as what type of beauty treatments you choose for your hair. When attempting to treat dry scalp skin, it is also important to be aware of the home remedies appropriate for this condition that have proven effective over the years. Some of the common causes of dry scalp include genetics, overuse of hair products, and weather conditions. In some cases, if you can determine the dry skin cause you can easily treat the problem effectively.

If you suffer from dry skin and hair, the products you use and how you clean your hair and scalp are very important. For many people, the dry skin on the scalp is the result of using harsh, drying shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. People with dry scalp symptoms are encouraged to choose deeply moisturizing hair products. Weekly hot oil treatments are considered to be effective as well because they treat the scalp and not the hair. Some hair experts suggest using body washes designed to treat dry skin about once a week on the scalp, being careful to fully rinse the product off the scalp and out of the hair.


You can also choose to treat your dry skin on the scalp by limiting common types of hair treatments, such as perms and hair color. Both of those treatments contain severely drying agents to the hair and scalp, and if done too frequently can contribute to flaking, itching, and other symptoms associated with dry skin. It is also suggested to avoid using the hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron too often because the heat produced by those tools is potentially damaging to the hair and scalp. Many people allow their hair to dry naturally for a few minutes before applying heat to limit the amount of time they spend with the hair dryer.

Sufferers of dry skin on the scalp make excellent use of home remedies for this condition. These treatments are often effective and are not associated with any adverse side effects. One of the most common remedies is an apple cider vinegar and water solution applied to the hair and scalp. You may also choose to treat your dry scalp with jojoba or coconut oil applied to the scalp before shampooing with a natural, gentle cleanser.



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