How can I Travel to Hawaii on a Budget?

There are many people who have spent years of traveling to the Aloha State. The beaches, volcanoes, warm weather, and local culture of Hawaii have beckoned travelers from all over the globe. For many, however, the expense of a trip to Hawaii can seem prohibitive. If you are interested in traveling to Hawaii on a budget, the guide below will help you to reduce the cost of your vacation without trimming any of the fun.

Where to Stay

Before leaving for your vacation, make sire that you know how you want to spend your time while you are there. If, for example, you want to spend most of your time lounging on a beach under the tropical sun, then look into resorts that offer all-inclusive packages. In so doing, you can have your room, meals, and even drinks paid for before you even arrive. If you want to do a lot of exploring in Hawaii, then make sure to book hotel rooms close to your destination. This way you won’t have to spend too much of your vacation time or spending money getting from here to there.

How to Pack

One of the biggest troubles for travelers is spending money on unexpected expenses. Many people find that basic items cost a great deal more in vacation spots than they do at home. Make sure to pack all of the toiletries and film that you will need. Also, pack snack foods so that you won’t have to pay through the nose for them in Hawaii. Before leaving for Hawaii, also be sure to purchase phone cards if you are going to need to make calls while you are away. You can get reasonably-priced phone cards most everywhere except hotel resort gift shops where they are wildly inflated.

In terms of clothing, make sure that you pack well for the activities that you plan to participate in. This will keep you from making a last minute purchase at a Hawaii boutique. It is important to note that some of the black sand on specific Hawaii beaches can be rather sticky and stain your clothes. Make sure to wear clothes that can survive a few stains for adventures to such beaches.

Plan Ahead

Just a bit of research can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on how long you decide to spend in Hawaii. Simply reading this article is a great start! Also, look into comprehensive budget guides on travel to Hawaii. Frommer’s, for example, has a great line of budget travel guides that will help you plan a great trip that won’t break the bank.


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When is the best time of year to visit hawaii?

Month? Nice weather but not expensive.

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