How can I Stop Worrying so Much?

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It's certainly human nature to worry. Especially today, when many of us seem to have problems that relate to money, family, career and/or health concerns, worry may seem unavoidable. However, too much worrying can make our stress level and health even worse. But what can we do to stop worrying so much?

Some people find meditation a very helpful and relaxing way to stop worrying excessively. But, you don't necessarily need formal meditation techniques. By combining any reflective and calming techniques that work for you, you may find that you stop worrying while you de-stress and mull your problems over more creatively. For example, really thinking about your problems as you curl up on the sofa and sip a hot cup of tea may help you relax as well as gain clarity on your situation.

Even if you set aside and engage in a certain amount of time to really think about what's worrying you and you don't feel like you're any further ahead, you may find that new ideas will come to you later when you least expect it. Many creative people experience this process. It can help you stop worrying if you know you'll probably be able to come up with ideas and options if you just give yourself time to think and then time to not think about your problems.


When you do come up with a few options and ideas to help your worrisome situations or problems, you can start forming a plan of action. If you do everything you can to stop the things you worry about you can find some comfort in the fact that you're doing everything possible to help your situation. It's also extremely important to realize the things you can do nothing about and identify the things that are out of your control and make peace with those.

Sometimes, letting ourselves think of the worst thing that could happen can actually reduce our worries if we realize the worst would really not be that bad. Even if it does seem bad, facing the possibility of it head-on may even allows us to form a plan to prevent this worst case scenario from happening! Talking to friends or a helping professional may be a good option if the worrying just won't seem to go away and you've tried everything you can think of to stop worrying. Keeping a daily journal and writing down worries regularly may also help.



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