How can I Stop Hot Flashes?

Luckily for the people who experience them, hot flashes can be remedied in several different ways. Most methods used to stop hot flashes, such as deep breathing and staying hydrated, are natural remedies. Other ways to obtain hot flash relief include invasive measures such as surgery or prescription drug treatments.

The easiest way to stop hot flashes is to make lifestyle changes. Preventing hot flashes from occurring by avoiding hot flash triggers is one popular method of treatment. Some of these triggers may include smoking cigarettes, drinking caffeine or alcohol, and eating spicy foods.

Simply avoiding tight or heavy clothing, as well as heat, can also eliminate or reduce hot flash symptoms, depending on the cause. Wearing light-colored, lightweight clothing can stop hot flashes from occurring. Swapping shoes and socks for sandals, as well as pants for shorts, can be very helpful, especially during the summer months. Long-sleeved pajamas should be replaced with short-sleeved ones for relief at night.

Another lifestyle change that doctors often suggest is to reduce stress, since that is another common trigger of hot flashes. This can be done through a variety of natural means, such as yoga or meditation. Deep breathing twice a day can also help remedy the hot flashes themselves. If one's stress level is exceptionally high, a physician may recommend some type of medication to help ease the tension. Regular physical exercise may also help stop hot flashes.

As hot flashes occur, they can be treated by physically cooling off in any way a person chooses. Lowering the thermostat, using a mechanical fan, or taking a cool shower or bath may all help, depending on the severity of the hot flashes. Ensuring that the body can properly cool itself off by drinking sufficient fluids throughout the day is also helpful for many people. Putting pillow cases in the refrigerator, or a cool cloth on one's head, can provide temporary relief as well.

When all else fails, a physician can often help by prescribing medication. Hormone therapy may help stop hot flashes in some cases. These may include estrogen and progesterone. Those who wish to avoid prescription treatments may opt to utilize alternative medicines, such as herbal remedies, instead. The herb sage is thought to help reduce hot flashes at night, as well as excessive sweating in general.

Ginseng is another popular herbal treatment for hot flashes. Black Cohosh, licorice root, and Dong Quai may also be helpful. A physician should be consulted before using these herbs, especially in combination with any prescription medications. Some foods are also thought to help with hot flashes, such as soy products and rice.


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