How can I Stop Eating so Much When I'm Watching TV?

Mindless eating when watching TV is a bad habit that many of us share. The food commercials can convince us that we're hungry. We could go to the kitchen for a snack and just grab anything we see in a rush to get back to our show before the show starts again after the commercial break. This can become more and more of a habit and late-night snacking can especially be a health problem that may lead to excess weight gain. You can cut down the amount you eat when watching TV by planning ahead and by trying exercise and crafts activities during your shows.

Planning ahead is the best way to control mindless snacking during the time you spend watching TV. You know when your favorite shows will be on, so just prepare something ahead of time like a veggie platter. If your evening snack is ready for you, you'll have no excuse to head for large amounts of empty calories. When you do want to enjoy decadent treats, place your portion on a plate rather than bringing in an entire package of a food item with you to your TV room.

Portion control is really everything when it comes to eating well when watching TV. By controlling your portions ahead of time and sticking to your plan, you won't be devouring a half a box of crackers or cookies before you even realized how much you ate. If you feel extra hungry, try air popped popcorn or baby carrots.

Exercising while watching TV is a great way to take your mind off of food and firm up at the same time. Whether you work out on an exercise bike or other machine or just do sit-ups and leg lifts, watching TV can make doing your exercises more enjoyable while still keeping you out of the kitchen. Many people find that they even feel less hungry after they exercise.

Doing a craft project such as knitting, crocheting or cross stitch is another great way to keep your mind off of food. You may find completing craft projects while watching TV very relaxing as well. As long as you're working on something you like while watching TV, you may not even think about eating.


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Drink water. Always have a full bottle of water in the den when you're watching TV. If you take frequent sips of water, you're getting your water intake, plus you're doing something besides snacking.

I crochet while watching TV, too. It's one of my favorite things to do in winter, when I'm especially prone to snack in front of the idiot box. It really does help to have something to do with my hands, plus I'm doing something constructive at the same time. It's a nice feeling to know when I've finished a project, that I've done something useful instead of feeding my face.

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Keeping food out of the den is one of the best ways to keep from eating when watching TV. And portion control. Get your snack in a small cup or bowl and bring it to the den. Don't have it available. It is way, way too easy to completely lose track of how much you're eating when you have an entire bag of chips in front of you. Put some chips in a *small* bowl and bring them to the TV.

Also, protein rich snacks can help the nosh craving. A piece of string cheese and a handful of nuts will curb the urge to eat. That's really the best snack to try, anyway. You're getting good protein and that will help you feel full.

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