How can I Stop Balding?

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Unfortunately, there is no cure for balding. Doctors can treat hair loss, but not stop balding altogether. This is bad news for the countless men, women, and children who struggle with hair loss. There is good news, however. There are a number of treatments on the market that slow a person’s rate of hair loss and even stimulate new growth.

As people age, hair thinning is a natural consequence. In some people, however, hair loss is excessive and starts to produce not just thinned hair, but also bare patches of scalp. Additionally, some people start to bald long before they reach an age at which balding may be considered normal. Even children can experience hair loss.

Some people do not try to stop balding. They may simply make the best of the hair that remains by trying new hairstyles that cover bald patches or even wearing wigs or hair pieces. Others may simply accept the changes in their appearance and decide to do nothing at all. A significant percentage of those who experience hair loss, however, seek out remedies to stop balding.


There are many drugs on the market that help slow hair loss and encourage new growth. One of them is minoxidil, which is available without a prescription. This medication works to treat baldness caused by two types of conditions: androgenetic alopecia, which is pattern baldness, and alopecia areata, which may be caused by an autoimmune problem. It comes in a liquid or foam form and is rubbed into the scalp, helping to prevent continued hair loss and encourage new growth. The hair that grows because of its application is thinner than normal and may not grow as long, but it’s often enough to blend in with a person’s existing hair, covering the area.

Some people use corticosteroids, which are steroid hormones, to stop baldness. Effective in treating alopecia areata, this method involves injecting a steroid hormone into the affected person’s scalp, continuing the injections on a monthly basis. Sometimes doctors prescribe corticosteroids in pill form as well. Doctors may also recommend corticosteroid ointments, but they tend to be less effective.

Often, medications are not as effective as people would like, and balding may begin once more after the patient discontinues treatment. Many medications designed to stop balding also produce unpleasant side effects. For this reason, some people turn to hair transplant surgery as a solution for balding. Hair transplants involve covering bald areas with existing healthy hair. This type of surgery is effective for covering baldness, but can be both uncomfortable and expensive.



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Post 5

There are all sorts of products on the market today that can aid in hair health. I recommend products like Nioxin and Reloxe for healthy hair.

Post 4

This is normal unless you have a family history of male baldness pattern. If so, just monitor your situation more closely to decide if you are really going bald.

Post 3

We often hear about ways to stop male pattern baldness. But baldness is not a problem that is exclusive to men. Tens of thousands of women struggle with the issue of hair loss. And it is probably even harder for women than men because we do not expect women to go bald. A bald man is accepted, a bald woman is not.

Many women resort to wearing wigs in order to cover up there thinning hair. This can be an effective aesthetic solution but a cumbersome and expensive one as well. Imagine wearing a wig for the rest of your life. You would always feel fake and it would be extremely uncomfortable. Bald women have it rough.

Post 2

I am only 17 but my hair is already falling our. Help guys? How do I stop going bald? This makes me very self conscious and it has already affected my social life. I am going off to college next year and I don't want to be the only freshman in the dorm that is going bald. Talk about a way to get off on the wrong foot. Is there a pill I can take, a cream I can use, a vitamin I should eat? Help me, I will do anything.

Post 1

Trust me guys, the sad simple truth is that right now there is no safe or effective cure for balding. There are ways to cover it up or to try and replace some of the hair but none of them looks especially natural and they will not reverse the stages of balding once they start.

But I have high hopes for the future. Science in the 21st century tends to focus on problems that will make pharmaceutical companies money. And there is a gold mine in anti balding medications. Just about every guy in the world struggles with losing their hair and if there were way to stop or reverse the process that drug would sell like crazy.

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