How can I Savor Spring?

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You can savor spring by cherishing new beginnings. Just as flowers can now grow in the once-frozen ground of winter, you can shed winter's heavy clothing and home furnishings and enjoy the lighter, fresher weather of spring. Enjoying new spring clothes, spending more time outdoors, gardening and lighting up your decor are all great ways to savor spring.

You can easily switch your home to the lighter energy of spring by replacing heavy blankets with lighter-weight blankets in fresh spring colors. Swap dark velvet throw pillows for fun floral prints or whatever patterns and colors signal the new beginning of spring to you. Adding a vase of fresh flowers to a dining room table or a coffee table can really set a spring mood in your home.

Of course, spring is gardening season and a great time to spruce up your yard. You can plan a makeover for your yard and then head off to the garden center to get what you need. Even just a few pots of flowers by your front door or a fresh coat of paint on your fence can help create that "new start" feeling of spring.


You can savor spring's warmer weather by enjoying some meals outdoors during sunnier days. Even rainy spring days can be refreshing times to go for a walk and get out of the house — umbrella in hand. Or, you could enjoy indoor fun by visiting an aquarium, museum or movie theater. Drier spring days are fun for outdoor activities such as cycling, baseball or jogging.

Even if you're on a strict budget, you can still savor spring by finding lighter-weight clothing at second hand stores. It’s best to start shopping way in advance of the season though. You can also find spring sales in department and chain stores. Store heavy winter coats away for next season and enjoy wearing lighter-weight jackets and raincoats.



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