How Can I Resolve Work-Life Conflict?

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Many people find it difficult to balance their work life with their family life, causing them to feel unsatisfied when it comes to both. If you are experiencing a work-life conflict, you are advised to communicate with your boss to determine a solution that works for both of you. In many cases, the key is a more flexible schedule, allowing you to get your work done while also taking time off for family when necessary. You also may find that hiring help at home is a wise idea, because a maid or nanny can reduce stress by keeping the house clean or watching the kids.

Satisfied employees are good for most companies, because they are usually more productive and are likely to stay at their job for years, which is why you are encouraged to discuss your work-life conflict with your boss. If you are a valued employee, you will likely be offered some help when possible. For example, if a particular project is forcing you to work longer hours than usual or is causing you stress, in general, you may be able to get a deadline extension or have it reassigned altogether. If a long commute is putting undue stress on you, your boss may consider transferring you to a location closer to your home, if possible. These changes can give you a few more hours in your day that you can spend with family or friends.


In some cases, the best way to solve your work-life conflict is increased flexibility in your schedule. One common resolution is the ability to work from home at least a few days a week, because this eliminates your commute entirely on some days, reducing some of your stress and offering more time to spend at home. If working from home is not possible in your industry, another solution is to work alternative hours that better fit your needs, such as starting the day a few hours earlier or later than usual to avoid rush hour traffic. In many cases, as long as you are able to remain as productive as usual, your boss may help change your schedule so you can resolve your work-life conflict.

Another way to improve your quality of life is to get help when necessary. For example, many working couples hire a cleaning service so they do not have to spend their free time straightening the house, allowing them more time with each other after work. If you are a parent who works from home, it is often considered helpful to get a nanny or baby sitter to watch the kids at least part-time, allowing you time to work uninterrupted. While these options are not available for every budget, they are often considered worth the extra money because they can help solve work-life conflict, resulting in more free time and less stress.



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