How can I Prevent Ingrown Hair from Shaving?

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To prevent ingrown hair from shaving, you can use hot water, exfoliating cleansers, shaving gel, antibiotic ointment, and ensure you are using a sharp razor and shaving on a daily basis. Ingrown hairs are commonly known as razor bumps, and they can be both uncomfortable and unattractive; in some cases, a medical condition characterized by redness, inflammation, and swelling can result. Fortunately, you can prevent ingrown hair bumps by following a few simple guidelines.

When preparing to shave, scrub your face well to avoid ingrown hair from shaving. Using hot water opens the pores and prepares the skin for the razor. You should also use a cleanser with exfoliation capabilities, which removes a layer of skin on the area to be shaved. Be sure to use a gentle exfoliant that is appropriate for your skin type.

Shaving gel is far more preferable than traditional creams when attempting to prevent ingrown hair from shaving. The consistency of the gel encourages a smoother surface on which the blade will travel. Many gels contain moisturizers that help keep the skin supple and nourished and thereby more open to the movement of the razor.

After shaving, you may want to consider using an antibiotic ointment or cream. The properties unique to antibiotics help to prevent any scrapes or bumps from swelling up. Antibiotic ointment also helps to safeguard nicks from infection and can soothe the pain of any bumps that may have sprung up.


Regularly changing your razor blade is another important step to take to prevent ingrown hair from shaving. If this is not feasible, you may want to invest in a razor sharpener, which can keep your blade from becoming dull; dull razors are a chief culprit in the development of ingrown hairs. Using a razor with multiple blades can also go a long way to preventing razor bumps. Many razors are available with moisturizing strips attached, and these are particularly helpful for further softening of the skin and encouraging a smoother action on the part of the razor.

Both ingrown facial hair and ingrown leg hair can also be avoided by daily shaving. Hair grows quickly, and as it grows, it becomes thicker and changes direction; longer hair is harder to shave and the risk of developing ingrown hairs is much higher. By shaving on a daily basis, you can eradicate the hair while it is still soft, short, and hasn't yet managed to change its growing course.



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