How can I Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

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Some ways to prevent cardiovascular disease might include eating foods that are good for the heart, beginning an exercise routine, and giving up unhealthy habits like excessive drinking and smoking. If you lead a high-stress life, you might also benefit from taking time every day to relax and ease your nerves. Additionally, if you are overweight, you might be able to prevent cardiovascular disease from developing by getting down to a normal weight for your height. These tips can also help you if you already have cardiovascular disease.

Eating heart-healthy foods may be one of the best ways for you to prevent cardiovascular disease. Some foods that are generally considered to be heart healthy include those containing soluble fiber, which is rich in things like whole grains, many breakfast cereals, and rice. Low-fat dairy products, lean meats, and vegetables are also considered good options. A good rule of thumb may be to cut back on overly processed foods and to stay away from most fast food because it tends to be very high in fat and cholesterol. When you cook at home, try to either bake or boil most things that you would fry, as this will also cut back on the grease and fat.


Exercise is also very important if you want to prevent cardiovascular disease. Just three days a week for half an hour at a time may be enough to make a difference. You don't necessarily have to do anything incredibly strenuous to benefit from exercise. Riding a bike, fast walking, and swimming are some activities that you could participate in regularly to get in the amount of exercise you need. If your body isn't used to doing much exercise, you might need to start off small and work your way up to more strenuous activities so you don't put more strain on your muscles than they can handle at first.

When you are thinking about how to prevent cardiovascular disease, it is probably a good idea to consider what other unhealthy habits you have. Smoking and drinking both contribute to heart problems. It is typically considered a good idea to quit smoking altogether, and drinking alcohol should probably be limited to no more than one drink per day. Some doctors think that there may be some benefit to having a glass of wine every day, but these benefits can quickly turn into risks if more than that is consumed. It may be best to ask your doctor about how much, if any, alcohol is safe for you if you are trying to prevent cardiovascular disease.



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