How can I Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

High cholesterol levels are a health hazard that impacts many people today. Over time, high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol can lead to a number of serious ailments, such as heart disease. Fortunately, there are several steps that anyone can take and begin to lower cholesterol naturally.

One of the first steps necessary to lower cholesterol is to make two key changes in lifestyle. The first has to do with tobacco usage. If you smoke, stop smoking immediately. Smoking is bad for the body in several ways. One of those ways is the oxidation of cholesterol in the system, making the LDL cholesterol drain the body of essential antioxidants. This reduced reservoir of antioxidants can lead to a great deal of damage to several vital organs.

Along with eliminating tobacco from your life, you also need to become more active. LDL cholesterol levels rise with a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you do nothing more than walk at a brisk pace for thirty continuous minutes each day, you will significantly increase your body’s ability to process cholesterol and prevent it from storing in your body.


The diet is also an important tool if you want to lower cholesterol naturally. Cut back on meats and junk foods that are loaded with cholesterol and saturate fat. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally lower in fat and cholesterol, and that also contain significant amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Not only will you lower cholesterol naturally, you will also provide your body with what it needs to perform at optimum efficiency.

If you really want to naturally lower cholesterol, make sure to include foods that will help lower the LDL or bad cholesterol while also promoting the presence of HDL or good cholesterol in the body. These include such tasty treats as oatmeal, garlic, fish, onions, dark red kidney beans, and chickpeas. Don’t forget to include seasonings as part of your plan to lower cholesterol naturally; cayenne powder and parsley will also help you achieve your goals.

One last important tool that will help you lower cholesterol naturally is to take nutritional supplements. Fish oil is very helpful in this process. Alfalfa, cornsilk, and fenugreek are very helpful when taken on a daily basis. For vitamins, consider adding Vitamins A and C, as well as a range of B vitamins to your list. These help to promote healthy function of the muscles and nerves, and will provide you with the energy and mental motivation you need to get out and have that thirty-minute walk each day.

Keep in mind that if your cholesterol is dangerously high, you may need to take prescription medication for a short period of time. Work with your doctor to make the proper lifestyle and diet changes while you are on the medication. In time, you will no longer need the prescription drug and will be able to maintain a proper level of cholesterol using natural methods.



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Oatmeal blended up and thinned also helps to lower cholesterol. Just drink it up!

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Adding grains, such as wheat, brown rice and barley will help keep cholesterol levels under control. It is soluble fiber that does the job of keeping cholesterol in check.

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