How can I Keep my Home and Family Safe During Bad Weather?

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Bad weather can be a threat to any home and family. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do prepare your home and to protect your family. First, it is important to make sure you have access to current and precise weather information. Since power often fails, and electricity should be avoided during bad weather, keeping a battery-operated radio and flashlight on hand is a good idea. Of course, it is just as important to make sure you have fresh batteries or use rechargeable radios and flashlights.

Bad weather most frequently arrives late in the day or during the night, so pay attention to weather forecasts during early parts of the day so you can stay prepared. Make sure outdoor items are tied down, anchored, or can be easily and quickly moved inside in case of bad weather. This not only protects your belongings from being damaged or blown away, but also protects your home and family from flying objects in high winds.


Take special note of any kind of weather watch or warning and heed the advice given by weather forecasters, especially if it is suggested that you move to a safer location. If you don't have a basement, cellar, or other safe area designated for bad weather, go into a room with a minimum amount of exterior walls and few or no windows. Stay away from the windows and cover them if you have enough time. If you cannot cover them, draw the drapes or other window treatments to contain as much glass as possible if windows break.

Move under a heavy table or turn a large piece of furniture such as a sofa over to use for extra protection. You can also use a mattress or at least a heavy sleeping bag or pillows to cover yourself and family members during bad weather. Use whatever you can find quickly. Of course, if you are prepared in advance, you can keep these items in the space you plan to use as a safe area during bad weather.

It makes sense to create a bad weather emergency plan so your family members know what to do in case a severe storm hits. Have occasional drills, and make sure everyone knows where to meet after the storm in case they become separated from the rest of the family.



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