How can I Keep a Positive Outlook While Job Searching?

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Keeping a positive outlook while searching for a new job can be challenging. In a bad economy, where jobs are hard to find, or possibly even in a strong economy, job hunts are often disheartening and stressful. There may not be many openings in your field that you are qualified for or that pay well. It is important to remember, however, that maintaining a positive outlook is crucial for success. Your chances of getting hired if you come across as negative or desperate are much lower than if you approach job hunting in a positive way.

Job searching can quickly turn into an all-encompassing activity, taking up your entire day. If you are not actively seeking a new position, then you are worrying over your lack of job and how that may affect you or your family. Take a step back and remove yourself temporarily from the situation. Unemployment may last months. This is the time to take up a new hobby or to work on projects you keep putting off. Enjoy your lighter schedule, but don’t do so at the cost of your job searching efforts. Schedule a few hours each day for looking for work, and spend the rest of the day doing other things. This is also a good time to make some self improvements. Pick up some new skills that might help you once your career is going again.


Focus on short-term goals. Spending all of your time focused on everything that needs to get done can lead to frustration and negativity. Set daily and weekly goals, and take small steps. Rewrite your résumé, make new contacts, and put your name out there. Set up a schedule of weekly goals, and stick to it.

Find a strong support system. This may be family, friends, or previous coworkers. Having a group of people to turn to after a particularly difficult day may help to relieve stress and feelings of helplessness. The members of your support group should be positive, not people who will give you a hard time about being out of work. These should be people who help you to keep a positive outlook while job hunting. Supportive friends can help distract you from the negative aspects of your job hunt.

Job searching can be a positive experience. Spending time away from a career updating your skill set may allow you to pursue new employment venues. Don't be afraid to branch out and explore new options. This may even lead you to a career that you wouldn't have thought of before beginning your job searching.



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