How Can I Get Relief for Puffy Eyes?

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Periorbital puffiness is a condition commonly known as puffy eyes. Some of the causes are preventable; others, like age and genetics, are not. There are a number of simple home remedies that provide some relief for puffy eyes, such as cold compresses, cucumber slices, and tea bags. While these measures offer only temporary relief, surgical procedures can provide a long-term solution. There are also several lifestyle changes that can help prevent or diminish swelling around the eyes.

Puffy eyes are the result of fluid retention in the surrounding delicate tissues. Both a lack of sleep and too much sleep can result in an accumulation of fluid. Allergies, crying, or rubbing the eyes can also cause puffiness. Some people are genetically predisposed to this condition. Age plays a role as the soft tissues around the eyes lose the ability to drain fluids.

Several simple remedies shrink the tissues and provide instant relief for puffy eyes. A cool, damp washrag is soothing to swollen eyes. A pair of teaspoons chilled in the refrigerator and then placed on the eyes also works. Cold slices of cucumbers or potatoes, both of which contain natural astringents, give relief for puffy eyes. Tea also has astringent properties, and freshly brewed tea bags brought to room temperature helps tighten the tissues.


A few simple changes can help reduce or prevent this condition. It helps to get the right amount of sleep, cut back on salty foods, and avoid rubbing your eyes. Sometimes, sleeping with your head slightly elevated reduces morning puffiness. Makeup can be an irritant; switching to hypoallergenic cosmetics may solve the problem. You can treat allergies, known to cause swollen eyes, with medication.

Surgery offers extended relief for puffy eyes. All surgical procedures carry risk, and you should take this course of action only in extreme or chronic cases. Eye lifts get rid of excess tissue, while a type of liposuction removes the fat deposits that create bags under the eyes. Doctors minimize minor swelling by injections that plump up the area beneath, evening out the surface below the eye.

Swollen eyes can indicate a serious health condition. Danger signs include red, itchy, or painful swelling. If other parts of the body are also showing signs of swelling, the problem may not be localized in the eyes. Consult a doctor if normal remedies do not provide relief or if the puffiness appears suddenly.



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